Mexican Power Grid No. 3

Tunes of Medusa ©

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Selected, Round Rock Arts [imagine] Show 2018

Mexican Tunes ©

Time  for the  Dulcimer ©

Cornet #3 ©

Remembering the "Radium Girls" ©

Selected, Round Rock Arts Sculpture & Photography Show

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Electric Surveillance ©

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Selected, Round Rock Arts [imagine] Show 2018

Lil' Danal' Boone ®

Steampunk Sewing

Fluted Colors ®

Viogear ©

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"Peoples Choice Award" Round Rock Arts [imagine] Show 2017 

Selected, Round Rock Arts

"Love in Monochrome" Show

Electric Tunes ©

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This One Won't Kill Students ©

Selected, Round Rock Arts

Dimensions Show

Looking at You Kid ©

Selected, Round Rock Arts Dimensions​ Show

Tunes of Brass ©

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Selected, Round Rock Arts Transformation Show

Golden Cornet ©

Time for Discussion ©

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​3rd Place,

Round Rock Arts

Sculpture Show.

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Member | Texas Society of Sculptors

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Watching You ©

Downhill Upgrade ©

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5 Strin... 4 String Banjo ©

Selected, Round Rock Arts Transformation Show

Steam Lamp ©

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Gallery Association

Echo Gallery - Johnson City

Arc of the Capital Benefit Showing - Child's Play

2018 Sculptfest

Visual Arts Alliance - 13th Juried Invitational Exhibition - Tunes of BrassHomage to Dimebag Darrell

Round Rock Arts - Love in Monochrome - Electric-lin, Uku-Techie
Round Rock Arts - Texas State University, [imagine] 2017 - Tunes of Many Colors - "Peoples Choice Award"

Round Rock Arts - Dimensions - Punk Tunes, Silver Cornet, Looking at You Kid

Round Rock Arts - Reuse-Recycle-Reduce - How I Came to Lose My Head, Gear Gun, Techie Tunes

Round Rock Arts - Texas State University, Photography & Sculpture Show - Punkolin, Remembering the Radium Girls - 3rd Place

Round Rock Arts - Born - Died - New Life show - Dark Tunes

​​Round Rock Arts - Transformation Show - Time for the Dulcimer - Mexican Tunes & 5 Strin... 4 String Banjo

Round Rock Arts - Texas State University, [imagine] 2018 - Tunes of Medusa - Electronic Surveillance - Fluted Mauser - Best of Show

JoMar Visions - 2018 Art Excellence Juried Competition - When Will It Stop? - 5th Place

Camp Street Partners – San Antonio - Downhill Upgrade

​Schmaltz's Sandwich Shoppe - Waco - Looking for a "G" String

Cielo Blanco - Blanco - Time for Discussion  -  Mexican Tunes & Pump Punk

Punk Tunes ©

Selected, Round Rock Arts Dimensions Show

Homage to Dimebag Darrell ©

​(hangs on the wall)

Silver Cornet ©

Gear Gun ©

Selected, Round Rock Arts Reuse-Recycle-Reduce Show

Member | Visual Arts Alliance

Blow Torch

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Dark Tunes ©

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Selected, Round Rock Arts Born, Died, New Life Show 

Mexican Heirloom ©

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"Four Dead In Ohio" ©

Selected, Round Rock Arts

"Love in Monochrome" Show

Hard Rock Circuitry ©

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Copper Big Bang ©

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Pump Punk ©

Steamy Tunes ©

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Melancholy Tunes ©

How I Came to Lose My Head ©

Selected, Round Rock Arts
Reuse-Recycle-Reduce Show 

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"Calling all Bugles" ©

Fiddling Around Looking for My Bow ©

Looney Tunes ®

Childish Tunes ®

Trombone Simplified ©

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Fluted Punk ©

Calling for a "G" String ©

Asian Tunes ©

I Shot My Eye Out! ®

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Mexican Power Grid No. 2

Trombone Extraordinaire ©

(hangs on the wall)

Edison Lamp

The Squirrels Wiil Be Happy

Brown Bess Revolutionized ©

Steampunk Singer

Fluted Tubes ©

Punkolin ©

assemblage |əˈsemblij|

Assemblage is an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out of or from the substrate. It is similar to collage, a two-dimensional medium. It is part of the visual arts, and it typically uses found objects, but is not limited to these materials.

My assemblages explore the possibilities of combining worlds, saving lives and changing intentions. Upcycling the old and giving new life.

The curving shape and sensual beauty of a brass horn still exists even after it falls from the stage. The well-worn guitar retains its grace long after the earthly life of the instrument. The instrument is resurrected with an infusion of love of an artist and the logic of nuts and bolts and gears and circuit boards.

Guns receive a transformation with a dressing of technology—both old and new. In essence, turning swords into plowshares—changing destruction into beauty.

There is no end of life for the broken and bruised. The resulting assemblages tell stories and represent unique new personalities, well-equipped to embrace a new future.

I started with the computer components but soon discovered that everyone was drawn to my Steampunk musical instruments and the way cool gun collection. 

Click on images to enlarge. Instruments do not play, firearms are disabled.

Time to Fiddle Around ©

Mauser Upgrade ©

​Not for Sale

Electric Short Comings ©

(hangs on the wall)

Married Together ©

(hangs on the wall)

If you know me you know my distain for cords of any kind showing under desks, bookcases or anywhere. I go to great lengths to hide them, people have asked me to come to their office to hide their mass of computer cords. On the home shows they find a beautiful home overlooking the bay and say what a wonderful view it is... and there is the power pole massed with cables right in the way. While we were in Mexico I noticed there was a jumbled power pole on every block. I remembered the paintings of New York streets highlighting the hundreds of Yellow Cabs crowding the street scenes. So I had the idea to photograph the power poles with all the jumbled wires going in all directions and create art out of the one thing that annoys me the most... well that and squirrels. 

In Photoshop I created layered images, rendering the background buildings in a paint technique and faded the image back highlighting the poles and wires. Local vehicles were added as well as people. Just a fun project that took a very long time to produce.

Individual prints are available and can be grouped in 2's, 3's or all 4. Frames and matts are included for that Mexico color scheme.

Mexican Power Grid No. 1

Child's Play ©

Donated to Charity

Arborphone Lamp

Mexican Power Grid No. 4

Steampunk Hattery

Steampunk Jewelry

Mello Cello ©

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Photo Manipulation Prints

Tunes of Many Colors ©

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Electric-lin ©

Guitar Punk ©

Uku-Techie ©

Stretch Neck Guitar ©

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(hangs on the wall)

Selected, Round Rock Arts Transformation Show

When Will It Stop? ©

Selected, 2018 JoMar Visions Art Excellence Juried Competition

Available Through Echo Gallery

Best of Show - Round Rock Arts 2018 [imagine] Show

Techie Tunes ©

(hangs on the wall)

Selected, Round Rock Arts
Reuse-Recycle-Reduce Show