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Steampunk Top Hat

Medium – 7 - 7  1/8

I created my first steampunk hat as a marketing tool. If I had a piece excepted in a show I would wear the hat to the show. People would come up to me who had seen the piece in the show and say "You must be Marc Eisenberg who created that piece", the hat became my calling card to my work. If I had a booth at an art show people kept asking if they could purchase the hat and so I started making them.

Custom Steampunk Hats
Every hat custom made and unique. Allow one month for delivery.
Use “CONTACT” link for instructions and shipping address.
Specify size when ordering:

Small – 6 3/4 - 6 7/8
Medium – 7 - 7  1/8
Large – 7  1/4 - 7  3/8

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Steampunk Stovepipe Hat

Large – 7  1/4 - 7  3/8

Steampunk Hattery