Gallery Association
San Antonio Art League & Museum

Echo Gallery - Johnson City

​TSOS Exhibition at UMLAUF Sculpture Garden - Second Place, Jurors Award

San Antonio Art League & Museum - Member  Exhibition 

2018 Sculptfest

Arc of the Capital Benefit Showing - Child's Play

​​The Art Center of Corpus Christi - 2022 Dimension XLIX Show - Post Office Punk

The Art Center of Corpus Christi - 2022 Independents Juried Show - Mello CelloHomage to Dimebag Darrell - Honorable Mention   

San Antonio Art League & Museum - 92nd Annual San Antonio Art League & Museum Juried Exhibition - Merry-Tunes-Go-Round

​   Winner of the Onderdonk Best of Show Award and now part of the permanent collection at SAALM

San Antonio Art League & Museum - 91st Annual San Antonio Art League & Museum Juried Exhibition - Mello Cello

Visual Arts Alliance - 37th Juried Invitational Exhibition - Dark TunesHonorable Mention 
Visual Arts Alliance - 13th Juried Invitational Exhibition - Tunes of Brass & Homage to Dimebag Darrell
Round Rock Arts - Love in Monochrome - Electric-lin & Uku-Techie
Round Rock Arts - Texas State University, [imagine] 2017 - Tunes of Many Colors"Peoples Choice Award"
Round Rock Arts - Dimensions - Punk Tunes, Silver Cornet & Looking at You Kid
Round Rock Arts - Reuse-Recycle-Reduce - How I Came to Lose My Head, Gear Gun & Techie Tunes
Round Rock Arts - Texas State University, Photography & Sculpture Show - Punkolin & Remembering the Radium Girls - 3rd Place
Round Rock Arts - Born - Died - New Life show - Dark Tunes
Round Rock Arts - Transformation Show - Time for the Dulcimer - Mexican Tunes & 5 Strin... 4 String Banjo
Round Rock Arts - Texas State University, [imagine] 2018 - Tunes of Medusa - Electronic Surveillance - Fluted Mauser Best of Show
JoMar Visions - 2018 Art Excellence Juried Competition - When Will It Stop? - 5th Place

Camp Street Partners – San Antonio - Downhill Upgrade
Schmaltz's Sandwich Shoppe - Waco - Looking for a "G" String
Cielo Blanco - Blanco - Time for Discussion  -  Mexican Tunes Pump Punk

Featured article in the 2020 September LIVING Magazine, a global magazine published in Sri Lanka. See page 22.



Texas Society of Sculptors





Visual Arts Alliance

assemblage |əˈsemblij|

   Assemblage is an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out of or from the substrate. It is similar to collage, a two-dimensional medium. It is part of the visual arts, and it typically uses found objects, but is not limited to these materials.
   My assemblages explore the possibilities of combining worlds, saving lives and changing intentions. Upcycling the old and giving new beautiful life.
   The curving shape and sensual beauty of a brass horn still exists even after it falls from the stage. The well-worn guitar retains its grace long after the earthly life of the instrument. The instrument is resurrected with an infusion of love of an artist and the logic of nuts and bolts and gears and circuit boards.
   Guns receive a transformation with a dressing of technology—both old and new. In essence, turning swords into plowshares—changing destruction into beauty.
   There is no end of life for the broken and bruised. The resulting assemblages tell stories and represent unique new personalities, well-equipped to embrace a new future.

   I started with the computer components but soon discovered that everyone was drawn to my Steampunk musical instruments and the way cool gun collection. 

Click on images to see categories. Instruments do not play, firearms are disabled.

   Born in Dallas, Texas
   Education: Texas State Technical Institute – Amarillo; Associate Degree with Honors – Commercial Art
   My professional career began when I took the position of Staff Artist at Texas State Technical Institute in Harlingen, Texas. From there I moved back to Amarillo and was the Staff Artist at our highly accredited Amarillo College. For the next four years I was in the communications department of the local electric utility, Southwestern Public Service Company, handling all the internal marketing and local advertising. I then decided to join Cambridge Advertising as Art Director, creating advertising for the local McDonald’s franchise, auto dealers and hospitals. Next it was off to The SilverMark Group as Art Director. Their main concern was the health care industry, concentrating on retirement homes and the senior population. When that company relocated to Dallas, I chose to keep my family in Amarillo and went to work for Whitney Russell Printers giving me a wonderful opportunity to become my own AE, Art Director, Production Artist and Print Production Coordinator for the next 16 years.
   When I moved to Corpus Christi and started my freelance business, I was working with clients such as Kailo Communications, Time Warner Cable, Texas Chiropractic Association and the Texas State Aquarium.
   After moving to Austin, I went to work for the Austin Advertising Federation as Director of Operations, managing the day-to-day operations of the 1,500 member organization.
   As a hobby project I turned a WWII Mauser rifle into a work of art using computer parts, circuit boards and crazy parts. Remembering I had two old trombones in the attic, they were next to receive new life as works of art. What started as a hobby project has become a passion for me with over 72 works of art created.
   My background has been on the creative side – heavy in concept, design and print and now as an assemblage artist. I'm also pretty darned good with bar-b-que pork ribs.

2022 - Present - Art Center of Corpus Christi

2021 - Present - San Antonio Art League & Museum

2019 - Present - Visual Arts Alliance, Houston
2017 - Present - Texas Society of Sculptors
2010 - 2015 - TSAE (Texas Society of Association Executives)
2007 - 2020 - National ADDY Committee
2007 - 2020 - Tenth District ADDY Committee Chair 
2006 - 2007 - Board of Directors, AAF-Corpus Christi Chapter
2004 - 2006 - National Board of Directors, American Advertising Federation
2004 – 2005 - Central Region Chair, American Advertising Federation
2003 - 2004 - Governor, Tenth District, American Advertising Federation
1997 - 1998 - President, Maverick Boys & Girls Club, Amarillo
1997 - 1998 - President, Amarillo Advertising Federation
1994 - 1999 - Board of Directors, Maverick Boys & Girls Club, Amarillo 
1987 - 1989 - Board of Directors, Retired Senior Volunteer Program
1986 - 1987 - President, Amarillo Art Directors
Four terms - Board of Directors, Amarillo Advertising Federation

2020 - Jeanie Ruedy Lifetime Achievement Award  - Tenth District, American Advertising Federation
2011 - Special Governor’s Award - AAF-Tenth District
2010 - Outstanding Member - Tenth District, American Advertising Federation
2008 - Outstanding Member - Tenth District, American Advertising Federation
2007 - Sterling Service Award - Tenth District, American Advertising Federation
2004 - Outstanding Service to the District - Amarillo Advertising Federation
2001 - Trailblazer Award - Amarillo Convention & Visitors Council
2000 - Outstanding Member - Amarillo Advertising Federation
1999 - Outstanding Member - Tenth District, American Advertising Federation
1999 - Silver Medal - Amarillo Advertising Federation
1995 - Outstanding Board Member - Maverick Boys & Girls Club
1989 - Member of the Year - Amarillo Advertising Federation
1988 - Special Member - Amarillo Advertising Federation
1987 - Special Member - Amarillo Advertising Federation
1986 - Outstanding Member - Amarillo Advertising Federation
1984 - Edison Institute Communications Award
1982 - Outstanding Young Men of America






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